Project Details

Company: Locowise

URL: www.locowise.com

Services Delivered

Customers of Locowise are helped to quickly understand what is and is not working on their social media channels. This is achieved with clear and concise analysis of comprehensive metrics. They approached us to improve their existing PPC campaigns and work on their SEO-Social Media connection.

The PPC campaign is geographically aimed at Locowise’s key target markets, with all other areas excluded. Full use of all different match types has allowed us to see which works best for the client to give them the most favourable ROI. Their main aim was to reduce the CPA and the changes we have made/will make will inevitably help them to achieve this.

Our SEO aim was to improve the client’s organic ranking but also to forge a greater connection between their SEO and their social media content. The strategy to achieve this was the usual mix of proper coding, full descriptions and titles etc. but also posting informative and interesting content on to their social media platforms and then linking it back to the website.

As one of our newer clients, we hope to enjoy a long and successful partnership with Locowise.